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The legend of Raksasa

Hand Carved Mods by Master Artisans

Inspired by the legend of Raksasa Guardians and Balinese Hindu culture—Raksasa Mods are symbolic, hand carved mods full of art and wisdom providing a luxurious vaping experience.

Collectors and mod enthusiast will appreciate the work and excellence that goes into creating our mods—each mod is hand carved out of stabilized wood by Master Artisans and contain a DNA75 chip for a custom experience.

Every Raksasa Mod is manufactured and assembled in Bali with 100% guarantee under Raksasa Protection.


Wayan Tegal

Master Wood & Bone Carver

Wayan began carving coconut shells at the age of nine and by his teens he was expertly carving bone and wood sculptures. As Wayan’s skill set evolved, he began creating detailed “Kris” knife handles for a world-class knife maker. Wayan is a creative maverick who thrives on the freedom to add his own Bali magic to every mod he designs.

Dewa Kenak

Master Carver

Taught by his father, a Master Carver, Dewa has been carving since the age of ten. A gentle and happy man, Dewa sings and chants for village ceremonies at his local temple. Dewa finds harmony in his daily yogic flow, which is key to his process when creating his masterpieces. Dewa quit smoking with the help of his own Raksasa Mod and is still cigarette-free.


Master Carver, Jeweller

At ten, Lumbung began to follow in his father’s footsteps as a Master Carver and Fine Sculptor. A vibrant and playful man, Lumbung is known for his extreme focus while carving beautiful details but is also renowned for his contagious laugh and sense of humour. Lumbung’s cheerful nature is beloved by all in the Raksasa Art Collective.

Wayan Kenik

Master Carver, Master Craftsman

At eleven, Wayan became part of the local Wood Craftsmen community. Wayan quickly mastered his trade and began exploring Wood Sculpture Carving. Wayan is an attentive Master Craftsman whose immaculately clean carvings are on par with his more experienced elders—he is a rising star in the Raksasa Art Collective.

Mod Life

The Legend of Raksasa

On the island of Bali, Raksasa are mythological warriors that materialize from spells to protect a chosen purpose. For centuries, Balinese Master Wood & Stone Carvers have created Raksasa statues to stand as guardians in the entry of every temple and home to ward off dark spirits. This ancient history and spiritual expression has aligned with today’s technology to create Raksasa Mods. Each hand carved mod is infused with the unique ethos and style of its Master Carver but always embodies the spirit of Raksasa.

Bali Mod Life

We are so happy to be sharing our Bali Mod Life gallery with you. These photos give everyone a chance to see our Master Carvers in their element while highlighting some of the extraordinary Raksasa Mods they have created.

Gallery will be up in the near future.

Raksasa Art Collective

Would you like to see YOUR artwork hand carved on a Raksasa Mod?

Raksasa Mods are created by a small team of exceptional artists and craftsmen who believe the value of art lies in our ability to shape lives a build community. We would like you to join us in these passionate pursuits by submitting your ORIGINAL artwork.

We will hold a public vote via instagram to determine who will be the next featured artist.

Details coming soon!

Raksasa Community

“Our respect for the Balinese people and their culture is perpetuated by supporting local artists and charities.”

Staying connected to our local and global communities is a very important part of who we are. Our Raksasa Community page allows us to share information about charities (we give 20% of all sales to local charities), customer stories, mod culture and education.

Stay tuned for lots of great stuff!