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Ignite Your Spirit, Vape with the Gods

On Bali, “the island of gods”, tradition and technology have aligned to bring you Raksasa Hand-crafted Vape Mods from the finest master wood carvers. We invite ancient artistry and spiritual expression from traditional wood and bone carvers to proudly display the richness of their culture and daily spiritual practice. 

The mythological Raksasas are born of dragons’ breath, monsters and fierce warriors of good and evil that preserve the balance of black and white magic. Balinese temples built from volcanic stone, and elaborate tropical hardwood homes alike are adorned with ornate carvings of these celebrated legends. Raksasas stand guard at all entries with intimidating stares, the gatekeepers of sacred ground. They ward off dark spirits by presenting themselves as even darker. 

Each stabilized wood block is carefully studied and the mod carved based on the story of the wood grain and spirit. Carvers are inspired to represent the moment in their own personal style and story, making each piece one of a kind. Every Raksasa mod integrates modern technology and old-world tradition. We chose the DNA75 chip as it sets the precedence for quality, consistency and reliability. Known for its usability and dependability the DNA75 fits the needs of the modern vaper from novice to the advanced user. The combination of unique craftsmanship and high-tech meets the universal demand expected of the high-end vaper. Use your handcrafted Raksasa Vape mod with the same pride and joy as the master carvers who created them. Ignite your spirit, vape with the gods.